Rehab & Physical Therapy

Benefits Of Physical Therapy

At some point in our lives, we are going to struggle with back or neck pain, discomfort, or reduced mobility. When we are unable to perform certain tasks due to chronic pain and limited mobility, our quality of life is affected. If you are dealing with these problems, a great option is to visit CenTex Spine and Rehab in Waco, TX, for physical therapy. Our physical therapist can get you back onto the right track.


A Comprehensive Evaluation for Your Injury

Each person experiences a different level of pain than others. When you come to visit our physical therapist at CenTex Spine and Rehab, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on determining the cause of your pain. From there, we can decide on the right course of action to help you recover and get stronger.

How Physical Therapy Can Help You

The best part of physical therapy is that it can help people of all ages who have restricted movement and function due to health conditions, injuries, and illnesses. Our physical therapy treatment can reduce your pain symptoms, help you to recover faster, increase your range of motion, improve your balance, prevent falls, and avoid surgery. Rehab exercises can give you a more fulfilling life without pain in it.

Rehab Exercises at Home

Our physical therapist will provide you with a variety of exercises that can be done at the comfort of your home. These rehab exercises can help you to continue the healing process in between your sessions. They also allow you to get stronger and prevent your injury from getting worse or recurring. 

If you have any questions about the exercises provided to you, don’t hesitate to CenTex Spine and Rehab in Waco, TX, for help. We are happy to assist you.

Contact Our Team to Start Your Journey to Healing

If you are in the Waco, TX, area and are struggling with pain or reduced mobility, you should contact us at CenTex Spine and Rehab today to schedule an appointment. When you visit us for rehab needs, you will receive personalized care that will help you get onto the road to recovery, allowing you to live a happier and healthier life. Call us at 254-235-0708 to make an appointment with our physical therapist.


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